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First of Jules

FOJ Cover - as Spencer 03

Born with eidetic memory, commonly called photographic or total recall, Jules Spenser was label a prodigy child before her fifth birthday. She displayed exceptional intellectual ability and creativity wherever she channeled her mind. Her ability to clearly process information and formulate solutions to problems at an early age became apparent to her teachers, and supporting cast of family. She skipped grades at an unusual rate, and began taking college level classes by her junior year of high school at the tender age of twelve.
Jules had three loves—Gymnastics, quantum physics and information technology, and let it be known that she wanted to use her gifts to help humanity. This did not go unnoticed by her grandfather Buck Davidssen, who groomed her for a career in Medical Nanoscience at his company—The Corporation.
Having spent most of her life around much older people—Jules lacked social skills, and was socially inept around members of the opposite sex her own age. This was apparent when she strayed outside her comfort zone. For Jules, love and friendship were relative outside her inner circle of family, which included the inner core of The Corporation, and ultimately—not necessary to survival.
The Corporation had many divisions under its umbrella, and fighting domestic terror was one of them. This tidbit didn’t go unnoticed by Jules, who dreamt of sleuthing in her spare time.
Jules had one last goal before starting her PhD program at the SPI School for Advance Nanoscience Research in Texas—a national title in gymnastics, and that she did.
One minute sixteen year old Jules is embracing her national vaulting title in gymnastics, and before she can say what is Advanced Nanofabrication and Characterization, she is neck deep in a multiple murder investigation on her own.
During her first week of internship—two girls go missing. The parents of the girls, who are rich donors to the program, chalk it up as girls being girls. The authorities turn up nothing, and believe the girls are off gallivanting, too.
Jules thought differently and couldn’t help herself—sleuthing was in her blood from years of ‘don’t tell mom moments’ with her grandpa. Among his stories and other things, he taught her how to shoot a gun, and defend herself in hand-to-hand combat. She began to investigate the missing girls on her own.
Jules also acquired the ability to block out everything happening around her—the Mechanism—she called it. Jules thought this attribute was a gift. Others called it her greatest flaw, and believed it led to her loneliness—a black hole—limitless, dark, and daunting.
Dr. Anna Semyonova, runs the research center, she is Jules’ mentor and a core member of The Corporation. She tells Jules that there is nothing to look into on the missing girls, and to back down.
Jules, whose mind worked in ones and zeros—black and white—blocks out Anna’s demand. She uses every resource available to locate the girls, and quickly creates a short list of villains.
Her fatal flaw may be her arrogance and believing she can do anything. This devil-be-damned attitude is demonstrated by her desire to push the limits of her mind and body with her early morning Ferrari runs, where she breaks the 200 MPH barrier on a regular basis. But when she finds she has met her match while barking up the wrong tree—it will require every bit of her intelligence and athleticism to stay alive.


Dragon at 1600

D at 1600 - 03

Buckner Axele Davidssen a retired USMC sniper and computer scientist, contracts his services to companies that require their financial data safe from hackers. In the process, he has amassed one of the best anti-terror systems on earth. Financially set at forty-five, he and his partner put their system to good use, and monitor the internet for any acts of terror against America—foreign or domestic.

Buck has major issues with the direction America is headed in. With the 2016 presidential election only months away, his concerns are further fueled by the current administration destruction of the Constitution to ensure a lifetime term. Several members of Congress set off flags in his system when transmissions between Washington and Indonesia to a group led by the notorious triad leader Chiang Zhou Yuxiang are cracked.
The CIA has come up against a code they can’t crack between a major drug cartel and Chiang’s partner in crime, the head of the Russian Mafia—the Bratva. Through an ex-CIA agent who is a close friend, Buck learns the CIA has put out a contract on the drug cartel and wants his help.

Buck starts digging he knows that Chiang pure evil. What he uncovers is worse; Chiang’s twin brother is the President of the Peoples Republic of China and Chiang’s son is a plant—US Senator Martin Sullivan, and he is his parties choice for president.

Buck believes the way of life in America will change — forever. He takes his discovery to his mentor DDHS Livingstone, the only man in Washington he trusts. Micky agrees to fund and protect him under a DHS Presidential Finding related to homeland security—but only if he backs off on the President and Martin Sullivan. Micky ensures Buck that he will handle the government side; reluctantly, Buck agrees to let go. Satisfied, Micky has his lawyer, Dr. Charlotte Vice draw up papers for an off shore company called The Corporation the cover the project. Buck brings in members of his old Marine squad and trusted military specialists, and takes the CIA contract.

Meanwhile, a Russian biochemist and his sister, a quantum molecular physicist, have been kidnapped. A coincidence—Buck thinks yes. Communications between Chiang, the Bratva, and a Miami drug lord are cracked by Bucks team; the group plans to infect the water supplies in key states with a lethal hypnotic drug. Buck believes this is all tied to the presidential election, and with his life in constant danger, he takes the fight to Chiang. The battle starts in Miami and heads to Hawaii. When Chiang’s quest for refuge in China is thwarted by his brother—Chiang heads to Vietnam. Buck and his team follow, most of his soldiers are going home—this time, to win.

When matters couldn’t get any worse—a rogue Russian spy known only as “Volkan” leaves a trail of death and mayhem wherever his path takes him. Volkan has his own plans, and nobody knows what they are. He seems to just want Buck dead. Buck wants him dead, too, and Washington, DC, becomes the final battle ground.

Buck plays by his own rules; he defends America and the US Constitution, and reports to no one but God and Old Glory—period.