Dr. Emma Dash – PhD Quantum Mechanics, Masters in English Lit and Computer Science…and Sniper

Dr. Emma Dash


Char parked the Lamborghini across the street from cabbie row. Before she could exit the car, two security guards pointed at her, and asked her to move. She flashed her badge, and after some groveling and name-dropping, the guards walked away shaking their heads.
A show stopping stunner in her own right; Char, clad in her favorite double tank top ensemble, pink over white and spandex running shorts, leaned against the Lamborghini. She examined every blonde woman who exited the terminal. She knew she was looking for someone special.
When Emma made her appearance, Char had no doubt. A statuesque beauty—no more than five-nine by her guess—had exited the terminal, and was looking about. She wore a fashionable black leather outfit that hugged every curve on her body. The circumduct formed by the air-conditioned terminal hitting the warm Miami air, for a briefest moment, provoked her perfectly coifed blond hair (not as platinum, or long as Char’s or Anna’s), but perfect, and styled in a sexy yet chic pixie, to bounce up and down, and settle once again around her angelic face.
Emma’s attire, though elegant and stunning was not what caught Char’s attention first—it was her beautiful face—the Bambi sized eyes. Wide open, they changed with each step—the windows to her soul—were innocent, yet exotic and catlike.
Her full candy-apple red lips slightly parted in a suggestive and sensual way when she spotted Char. She unzipped her jacket as she drew closer. Free to breathe; her breasts bounced slightly, which induced her low cut, pink Casmir sweater to cling—emphasizing her overall package.
Chars eyes dropped to her expanded cleavage then back to her eyes.
Emma smiled seductively and blinked, her long lashes flitted over her emerald eyes. With dark blue rims and flecks of gold around the pupil, they sparkled like golden fireworks exploding across a lush meadow.
Stunned, Char let out a gasp. “Wow.”
Damn, she is more perfect than Anna (if that is even possible), listen to me, I’m starting to sound like Buck. Oh my God, I can just imagine what comes out of his mouth the first time he meets her. I’ll bet he doesn’t even notice her eyes—and what about Roy, he will be devastated. He already walks around hunched over because of Anna. What is he going to do now? I have to find him a girlfriend—and quick.
Char reached out to shake Emma’s hand and take her suitcase.
Emma pulled Char toward her and kissed her cheek. “Thank you for everything, and let me say that you are more beautiful than Anna described.”
“Well I can say the same thing; I have never seen eye’s as beautiful as yours. That’s some British accent you have.”
“I was raised in London; my father is the Provost at Camford University. I received my Masters in Literature and another in Computer Science at Camford. I then decided that I would follow… in my cousin’s footsteps, and moved back to Moscow to get my PhD in Quantum Physics. I was preparing for my dissertation, but it’s was getting too dangerous, especially after Anna’s abduction and liberation. I felt that I would be next, which is why I called Anna.”
“Don’t worry dear; we’ll get you your PhD. You will be working with the best… Anna.”
“Why are you smiling?”
“I’m just thinking what Buck is going to say the first time he meets you.”
“What will he say?”
“Nice rack, damn nice rack.”



3 thoughts on “Dr. Emma Dash – PhD Quantum Mechanics, Masters in English Lit and Computer Science…and Sniper”

  1. This is Emma as she appears now. I need Gemma Akinson to pose for me in her pixie. That is who inspired me. This girl is hot, but not as hot as Gemma.

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